Camilo A Malagón (WLLC) co-edits and publishes dossier on contemporary Colombian cultural production

By Marella Feltrin-Morris, October 28, 2022

Professor Camilo A Malagón (Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) co-edited and published a dossier about contemporary Colombian cultural production in the academic journal A Contracorriente: una revista de estudios latinoamericanos.

The dossier, entitled Imaginarios culturales del presente en Colombia: nuevas perspectivas sobre la violencia en la producción cultural contemporánea [Cultural Imaginaries of the Present in Colombia: New Perspectives on Violence in Contemporary Cultural Production], focuses on Colombian literature and film from the last three decades in light of the signing of the peace agreement between the insurgent guerrilla group FARC-EP and the Colombian government as well as the recent historic election of a new government led by President Gustavo Petro (former Guerrilla member) and the first Afro-Colombian woman Vice-President Francia Márquez. The seven articles that make up this dossier reflect upon recent cultural production from the country not only as a way to understand the past and the present in this important historical moment, but also as a way to create new imaginaries of the future.

Professor Malagón co-edited all seven essays with Carlos Gardeazábal Bravo (University of Dayton) and Juanita Bernal Benavides (Rhodes College), and authored one of the essays entitled “El intelectual implicado: violencia y narrativa colombiana a finales del siglo XX y comienzos del siglo XXI” [The Implicated Intellectual: Violence and Colombian Narrative at the End of the 20th Century and the Beginning of the 21st Century].

A Contracorriente is a journal dedicated to stimulate socio-historical analysis of Latin American Literature and culture, published by North Carolina State University.

You can find the dossier, published in Spanish, here

You can find Professor Malagón’s article here.