IMPORTANT: Fall 2023 Academic Calendar Changes

By Vikki Levine, October 31, 2022

On behalf of the Academic Calendar Committee and the Office of the Provost this is an important message regarding changes to the Fall 2023 academic calendar.

Fall 2023 classes will now begin on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, at 8:00am.  

This is a shift from Monday, August 21. (Note: Wednesday classes will be held on Wednesday for those that remember IC history when we started on a Wednesday with a Monday schedule.) 

Wednesday, September 6, Monday class schedule will be held. 

Fall 2023 Block I Classes will end Monday, October 16.  

This is a shift from Monday, October 9. Note this will be after Fall break, which is Oct 12-13. 

Fall 2023 Block II Classes will begin Wednesday, October 18.  

This is a shift from Monday, October 16.  

Fall 2023 final exams will now end on Friday, December 15, at 10:00pm.  

This is a shift from Wednesday, December 13.  

Final grades will be due Thursday, December 21 at 5:00pm. 

This is a shift from Wednesday, December 20.  

The adjusted start date provides faculty with a full week (five business days) before classes begin to participate in department and school retreats, as well as to engage with students during move in, orientation, and Convocation.  An updated calendar can be found at Please be sure to review all dates. 

There are no changes to the published Spring 2024 calendar.  

If you have any questions please email