New Student Organizations Business Coordinator in OSE!

By Mish Lenhart, November 3, 2022

The Office of Student Engagement is pleased to announce that Brittany Watros has been promoted to the Student Organizations Business Coordinator position! Brittany will be helping all recognized student organizations with their finance and travel needs and will be serving as the advisor to the Appropriations Committee that is run by Student Governance Council. If you have worked with Brittany in her previous role, then you know that she is efficient, flexible, and prioritizes students - all of these are ideal qualities for this new role! Please join us in congratulating Brittany!

This does leave a vacancy in the Administrative Assistant role in OSE, so please email if you need help with tabling, quad reservations, or other campus solicitation items, and if you have general questions about the office, please email and we will direct your question to the appropriate person.  We hope to fill this open position soon!