Tuition, Room, and Board Costs Set for 2023-24

By News, November 21, 2022

The Ithaca College Board of Trustees has approved charges for the 2023-24 academic year, with modest increases planned for both new and returning students. This represents our ongoing efforts to keep an Ithaca College education affordable and accessible for students and their families while continuing to invest in the resources necessary to provide the best possible learning and living environment.

For returning full-time undergraduates residing on campus, the total direct cost of attendance will be $65,910, an increase of 2.89%.

The breakdown is as follows:
Tuition $49,880 (3.65%)
Room $9,160 (1%)
Board $6,870 (0%)
Public Health Fee eliminated

This represents no increase in charges for dining and a small increase in housing charges to help keep up with a significant rise in utilities costs as a result of inflation. It should also be noted that the college has eliminated the public health fee that had been instituted in 2021.

The modest increase for returning students is in line with the Four-Year Financial Forecast first introduced for this year’s incoming class, which set an annual cap of 2.9% on their direct cost increases for each of their four years at the college. The decision has been made to include current sophomores and juniors by applying this same direct cost cap during their respective junior and senior years at the college.

Tuition for most graduate programs will also increase by 3.65%.

The college has also set the charges for incoming students in 2023. Their total direct cost will be $66,540 and their Four-Year Financial Forecast will lock in direct cost increases for these students at a maximum of 3.5% per year.

All of these costs are before institutional financial aid is taken into account. About 93% of students receive some form of aid directly from the college, representing approximately $117 million in budget funds.

We are proud that Ithaca College continues to be recognized as a “best value” for providing a high-quality private college education and experience at an affordable cost, and we greatly appreciate all of the hard work that our campus community continues to put in to ensure that the college retains that designation.

David H. Lissy ’87
Chair, Ithaca College Board of Trustees

James Nolan ’77, Parent ’01
Vice Chair, Ithaca College Board of Trustees