Notice: Ithaca College to Permanently Close Portion of Auxiliary Substation Road On-Campus

By Dan DeCaria, December 6, 2022

Dear Ithaca College Community,

We share this message with you today to alert you to an important facilities update that will go into effect during the upcoming winter break. Ithaca College’s Office of Facilities will be permanently closing access to a portion of the auxiliary roadway that bypasses the on-campus electrical substation, which connects locations on the east side of campus including Boothroyd Hall and the A&E Center with locations in upper campus. Please note that this road closure impacts both authorized vehicle traffic as well as pedestrian foot traffic.

There are several factors contributing to the closure. These include:

  • Erosion to the hillside causing buckling of the safety guardrail and deterioration of the existing roadway.
  • Close proximity of the roadway to the electrical substation, which has been flagged as a significant risk and safety concern in a recent audit of our campus facilities.
  • Lack of ambient lighting on the roadway.
  • The steep incline and narrowness of the roadway which poses significant safety concerns, especially exacerbated during the winter months.

During the upcoming winter break, the college will assemble fencing that will prohibit access to the road at both entry points. Signage will also be included that will clearly mark alternative paths and routes that individuals can utilize. For pedestrian traffic, the preferred alternative route is to make use of the walkways through the Upper Quads residence area and to utilize either the stairs by the Gannett Center or the Baker Walkway elevator, which has recently been restored to working order.

At this time, the college anticipates that this roadway closure will remain permanent with no current plans to reopen the the closed section of the road to authorized vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

We would like to thank our IC community for your consideration and understanding as we complete this necessary work to promote a safer campus environment.


Bonnie Prunty
Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Life

Ernie McClatchie
Executive Director for Grounds, Transportation, and Maintenance