Timecard Entry Changes for Holiday Hours Worked beginning March 13, 2023

By Brynn Fielding, March 14, 2023

IC HR Cloud has various timecard types for employees to use during nonstandard times, such as inclement weather, College holidays, and Wellness Days. In order to mitigate timecard errors and to ensure that employees are aware of the instances in which certain timecard types are needed, the Office of Human Resources and Payroll have created an index of time entry examples and actions for employees to reference. 

Please note, effective March 13, 2023, the banked time message will no longer be prompted, and the process for entering holiday hours worked has changed. Non-Exempt employees who enter Holiday hours worked, should refer to the “College Holidays” section of this guide to learn what should be entered on the timecard. 

We invite you to reference this guide when you have questions about which time type to enter for the hours you’ve worked. Likewise, managers should review this guide prior to approving timecard, to ensure that the right time is calculated during Payroll. 

The Time Entry Scenarios guide, linked here, can be found on TDX. If you have any questions about information found in this guide or timecard entry, please reach out to payroll@Ithaca.edu.