FLEFF 2023: List of All the Films at Cinemapolis!

By Patricia Zimmermann, April 4, 2023


An amazing roster of international films. 
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3 Nights a Week: Queer romantic comedy set in the gritty but fabulous Parisian drag scene

As Far As I Can Walk: Medieval epic gets a modern update in story about Ghanaian refugees

Babi Yar. Context: acclaimed Ukranian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa’s documentary about the brutal massacre

Blue Island: hybrid documentary about Hong Kong activists

Chile ’76: melodrama about a love affair between a housewife and a freedom fighter

Dancing the Twist in Bamako: stylish love story set in 60s Africa

Dos Estaciones: flinty businesswoman struggles to save her family’s tequila factory

Framing Agnes: genre-crossing exploration of trans history

From Our Eyes: short ethnographic films by community-based Tibetan filmmakers

Ghosts: an oral history of three indigenous boys’ escape from a government boarding school

Manzanar, Diverted: an intergenerational alliance of women defend water rights at the Manzanar site

Matter Out of Place: mesmerizing ecological documentary about waste management

Mother and Son: an adventurous émigré from Abidjan explores Paris

Move When the Spirit Says Movedocumentary about charismatic civil rights leader Dorothy Cotton

The Natural History of Destruction: Sergei Loznitsa’s adaptation of W.G. Sebald’s novel

No Bears: Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi’s fictionalized autobiography

Kikikrazed video essays: internet famous video essayist Kikikrazed shares her work

Powerlands: young Navajo filmmaker investigates indigenous displacement and chemical spills

Safety Last: silent comedy star Harold Lloyd’s most famous film – with live music

Time of Pandemics: documentary about vaccines and social problems

Until Tomorrow: young Iranian single mother tries to hide her baby from her parents

Users: cinematic meditation on technology and parenthood from Mexican American feminist maker

Vigilante: Georgia’s Vote Suppression Hitman: investigative report on racist voting rights attacks

Warning Shadows: German expressionist silent with live music

White Building: aspiring dancer fights to save Phenom Penh community


Wild Lens Collective: eye-opening nature shorts