Public Health Update - May 2023: Ithaca College to Sunset Remaining COVID-19 Infrastructure on Wednesday, May 31

By News, May 30, 2023

Key Updates:

  • Beginning Wednesday, May 31, Ithaca College will sunset all remaining COVID-19 infrastructure currently in operation.
  • COVID-19 testing location at Muller Faculty Center will close. Ithaca College will continue to provide over-the-counter self-testing kits to students and employees, while supplies last, until current inventory is exhausted.
  • Ithaca College will fully shift to a self-management structure for students observing a five-day isolation period as a result of testing positive for COVID-19. There will not be any dedicated isolation spaces on campus moving forward and all remaining aspects of the college's wrap-around care process will be discontinued.
  • Students requiring treatment or having questions regarding a possible case of COVID-19 should utilize the Hammond Health Center. Appointments must be made in advance by calling (607) 274-3177.​​​​​


Dear Campus Community, 

Congratulations on completing another successful academic year! I want to express my sincere gratitude for your ongoing commitment and responsibility in helping to maintain the college’s collective health. I would like to take this opportunity to share with our campus community some public health updates that Ithaca College will be putting into effect during the coming days.     

As has been the case throughout the 2022-23 academic year, Ithaca College has incrementally dismantled much of its COVID-19 infrastructure utilized during the height of the pandemic response in alignment with the trajectory of illness. I share this message to notify our community that on Wednesday, May 31, Ithaca College will be sunsetting all remaining COVID-19 infrastructure currently in operation at the college. This decision comes in conjunction with the May 11, 2023, announcement of the suspension of the Federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. I encourage you to keep reading for additional details of what this sunsetting will entail.

COVID-19 Testing
Beginning on Wednesday, May 31, Ithaca College will be closing operation of its testing location at the Muller Faculty Center. With this closure, the college will no longer sponsor a dedicated COVID-19 testing location on campus.

The college has a large inventory of over-the-counter (OTC) rapid antigen self-testing kits. These kits will be made available free of charge to all members of our campus community, while supplies last, until their shelf-life expires in November 2023. Students will be able to pick up these testing kits at the Hammond Health Center, while employees can secure test kits, when needed, via the Office of Human Resources Information Desk located on the Garden Level of Peggy Ryan Williams Center.

Isolation Protocols and Wrap-Around Care
As I communicated in a previous public health update, Ithaca College has moved to a self-management structure for students needing to complete their five-day isolation period as a result of testing positive for COVID-19. For the 2023-24 academic year, students will continue to be directed to self-isolate in their residence hall room should they contract COVID. There will not be any dedicated isolation spaces on campus moving forward.

In conjunction with this change, Ithaca College will also be discontinuing all remaining aspects of its wrap-around care process. Students observing self-isolation will still have the option to pick up to-go meals from campus dining locations.  

COVID-19 Care and Treatment
Beginning Wednesday, May 31, all students requiring treatment or having questions regarding a potential case of COVID-19 should utilize the Hammond Health Center. The Hammond Health Center is open during the summer months with both in-person and telemedicine appointments available. Students interested in the telemedicine option must be located within New York State in order to receive care. Please note that appointments must be scheduled in advance and can be made by contacting the Hammond Health Center at (607) 274-3177. 

Additional Reminders
As a reminder, during the Spring 2023 semester the college announced its decision to no longer require that students submit proof of having received a primary COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend Ithaca College.

Ithaca College continues to strongly encourage that all members of our community – both students and employees – maintain a high immunity to COVID-19 by making the choice to be vaccinated. Staying up-to-date with vaccines continues to be an important way to minimize the risk for contracting severe symptoms resulting from this illness. The website is a great starting point to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine and how to find appointments to receive a vaccine near you.

I also urge members of our IC community to continue your commitment to making proactive good public health behaviors and practices part of your daily routine. 

I would like to conclude this message by extending my sincere thanks and appreciation to Sam Wheelwright ’21 for her dedicated and tireless work throughout the pandemic. Sam has been such an important part of the college’s pandemic response, which began while she was still a student as a Student Health Emergency Liaison (SHEL) and continued as she served as the college’s COVID-19 Testing Coordinator and Wrap-Around Care Manager for the past two years. Thank you Sam for all your contributions in supporting the IC community, and best wishes in your new endeavors.

I wish our campus community a restful and rejuvenating summer.


Samm Swarts
Assistant Director, Emergency Preparedness and Response
Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management