Student Documentary Screens at Reproductive Justice Film Festival

By Mickie Quinn, September 18, 2023

"Without Shame, Without Stigma, Without Fear" - Screens Friday at Cinemapolis

Written by Ethan Beer ‘26 for Park Promotions 

Cayenne Cave ‘25, Devon Jezek ‘25, and Liam Shields ‘25 produced the documentary ‘Without Shame, Without Stigma, Without Fear' - screening at Cinemapolis Friday 9/22 at 7pm for free as part of the Reproductive Justice Film Festival.

The trio, along with production assistant Pablo Laboubee Arias, met in Professor John Scott’s Nonfiction Production class when they were given the opportunity to make a short documentary on whatever they wanted.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned the group focused their project around the issue. “I'm originally from Texas," shared Jezek, "When I heard about the overturning, I was very emotional regarding everything happening back home. I feel incredibly fortunate to be here in Ithaca, a sanctuary city, and wanted to highlight the positive things happening in other parts of the country.”

Through interviews, the film delves into the political landscape of Ithaca and how it responded to the aftermath of Roe v. Wade - shedding light on misleading pregnancy centers as well as highlighting the protection of rights in a sanctuary city.

Both editing classes and working on ICTV shows gave the team skills to make the documentary. Jezek was specifically grateful for professor John Scott. Shields agreed, “He was fantastic and it wouldn't have turned out the way it did if not for his guidance.” 

Shields said he learned a lot by being hands-on in the class. “I felt as we went along the process, all of us learned so much about ourselves and the skills we had and what we are capable of doing,”  Devon added that the technical skills taught in the class added to her experience producing. 

During an interview with Sue Perlgut, an activist and filmmaker, they learned about the organization End Abortion Stigma. After getting to know more about the organization, Cayenne secured an internship with them, and later, the group was invited to screen their film as part of the Reproductive Justice Film Festival.

They look forward to screening their documentary this Friday at Cinemapolis alongside other filmmakers including recent alumni, Maya Cueva and Leah Garant.

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