Microsoft's AI-powered Bing Chat for Enterprise Available for Faculty & Staff on 9/21/23!

By Lisa Efing-Guida, September 19, 2023

Microsoft's AI-powered Bing Chat for Enterprise Available for Faculty & Staff on 9/21/23!

Microsoft will enable Bing Chat for Enterprise (BCE) for all Ithaca College faculty and staff on September 21, 2023!

What is Bing Chat for Enterprise?

Bing Chat for Enterprise (BCE) is an AI-powered web chat designed for work. Whether you’re drafting a report, preparing a presentation, or brainstorming ideas, Bing Chat for Enterprise aims to streamline your tasks and enhance productivity. 

BCE is currently only available for employees and not available for students, though Microsoft continues to evaluate licensing options. Faculty and staff can access BCE with an Ithaca College Microsoft 365 account. Students can only access the personal version, Bing Chat, using a non-College Microsoft account.

Why would I use Bing Chat for Enterprise?

BCE is a versatile tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data from the public web to answer questions, summarize information, analyze data, generate text or visuals, craft social media content, and boost your work productivity. To understand the full capabilities of BCE and what kinds of things faculty and staff will be able to do with this tool, please check BCE’s frequently asked questions.

Data and Privacy

Your input into BCE is not used to train the underlying large language models, and neither your input nor Bing’s responses are retained by Microsoft after your browser is closed, the chat topic is reset, or the session ends. More information about data protection can be found here: Bing Chat Enterprise Privacy and Protections | Microsoft Learn

Getting Started (After September 21)

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge Browser. 
  2. Go to or open BCE in the Edge sidebar by clicking the Bing logo
  3. Sign in using your Ithaca College credentials if prompted. 
  4. At the top of BCE are two options: Chat and Compose
    a. In Chat, enter text to plan, write, or summarize information, and choose a conversation style.
    b. In Compose, enter text, select a tone, format, and length to generate content. 
  5. To start a new chat session, click Refresh
  6. Visit our Knowledge Base article for further information.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Information Technology Service Desk for assistance.

Information Technology Service Desk  
104 Job Hall