Dance for the Camera: SPRING COURSE Open to All IC Students

By Daniel Gwirtzman, December 3, 2023

Learn to Make Your Own Dance Films!

An introduction to digital video technology in dance, the course introduces the technical and creative skills required to compose and distribute dance for the camera.  This is a hands-on course emphasizing the fundamental elements of video production, editing and dissemination. You will gain experience scripting, storyboarding, shooting, and editing; and investigate ways in which the medium can intersect with the commercial and artistic markets. This course considers that anytime dance is specifically crafted for viewing on a screen it is inherently site-specific. To that end, all choreography is developed for the locations of shooting, both interiors and exteriors.  We are always “on location.”  A primary emphasis is on the choreographic content itself, its originality/innovation, intentionality, expression, and its suitability for the medium and the particular assignment. A series of video projects will be made, culminating in a final project.  An open screening will feature work developed in the course. CRN: 41010