Seeking Faculty Volunteers for Classroom Response System Spring Pilot

By Jenna Linskens, January 3, 2024

The Classroom Response System Subgroup of ETAC is excited to announce that we have found three response systems to pilot in the spring semester: iClicker, PollEverywhere, Echo360 Poll. All three of these systems can integrate with Canvas.

We are seeking volunteers to provide feedback on these systems early in the spring semester so that Ithaca College can make an informed decision about which system might work best for the entire campus. All are encouraged to participate including users of other student response systems like Top Hat, Mentimeter, Vevox, and Socrative, as well as professors who are new to classroom response systems altogether.

If you are interested in piloting these tools please reach out to Colleen Countryman ( or Rebecca Brady ( before January 19, 2024.

While we’d like faculty volunteers to try multiple systems and provide comparative feedback, if there is a preference toward trying out a particular system (iClicker, PollEverywhere, or Echo360 Poll), please let us know and we’ll do our best to meet your request. 

Sincerely, Jenna Linskens & Colleen Countryman, ETAC Co-chairs