Can you help us make a difference?

By Sharon Stansfield, February 27, 2024

We are looking for young children to help in developing a powered mobility device that children with disabilities can use to move about and explore independently, even when they do not have the ability to crawl or walk.

Children will be between the ages of 6 to 18 months of age, who can sit independently or with moderate external support.  These children may be developing typically, or may have delayed motor development. 

Robot sessions will take place on the campus of Ithaca College.  Up to five robot sessions lasting approximately 20 minutes each will take place within not more than three weeks of time.  We will ask parents to complete a child history form and developmental questionnaire. In gratitude for their participation, families will receive a $25 gift (or e-gift) card for each session their child attends.

Please share this announcement with families of children who you anticipate might be interested.

If you are interested in learning more about this research study, please contact:

Carole Dennis, ScD, OT

Professor Emerita, Occupational Therapy

Ithaca College

Phone (607) 351-1176; email

IRB # 359