SLI Leading Self: How We Got Here: Voting Context for Young Voters

By Cathy Michael, February 29, 2024

Be Vote Ready

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Date and Time. Monday, March 4 2024 at 4:00 PM EST to  5:00 PM EST
Location  Taughannock Falls Room, Campus CenterJoin us for a presentation with Q&A giving a thumbnail sketch of a variety of things important to keep in mind as College-age folks start voting: a little on how the parties have changed, about who votes typically, about how close recent elections have been, and even a few slides about some other issues – gerrymandering, media’s political echo chambers, and how votes are counted. 

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Be Vote Ready

I’ve been teaching about this for 25 years, and I’ll briefly give you the high points of what is most important and interesting in the history of voting and elections.  And, yes, you’re not wrong: the electoral college is a crazy idea.

Presented by Prof. Michael Trotti, History and Coordinator of Legal Studies
Part of the Voter Registration & Education Task Force

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