Announcing the 2024 Winners of the Peggy Ryan Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership!

By Jess Shapiro, April 3, 2024

The Office of Student Engagement would like to congratulate the following 72 junior and senior students who were selected to receive the Peggy Ryan Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership this year. The award is given to students who excel academically, perform service to the College community and nation, and represent an exemplary level of accomplishment. They will be recognized on the OSE website and in person at the 3rd Annual Co-Curricular Symposium taking place on Tuesday, April 23rd at 11:15am-1:15pm in the Clark and Klingenstein Lounges. This event is open to the entire campus community. Please join us in congratulating these students!


Jonah Alefantis, Class of 2025

Destiny Carrion, Class of 2025

Olivia Celenza, Class of 2024

Desoni Cooper, Class of 2024

Annabella Di Lillo, Class of 2024

Stephanie Duran, Class of 2025

Michelle Engler, Class of 2025

Katie Floyd, Class of 2025

Parker Friedman, Class of 2025

Caroline Grass, Class of 2025

Grant Johnson, Class of 2025

Rebecca Legato, Class of 2024

Matt Minton, Class of 2024

Isabella Mittelman, Class of 2025

Aria Mix, Class of 2024

Paige Morrissey, Class of 2024

Jess Moskowitz, Class of 2024

Abigail O’Shea, Class of 2024

Jaqueline Pereira, Class of 2025

Syd Pierre, Class of 2024

Kaitlyn Russell, Class of 2025

Naomi Sessler, Class of 2025

Liam Shields, Class of 2024

Kaitlyn St. Hilaire, Class of 2024

Kit Stitely, Class of 2024

Lilly Tollin, Class of 2024

Amirah Torrence, Class of 2024

Jaime von Bartheld, Class of 2025

Zoe Wegener, Class of 2025

Ryan Williams-Abrams, Class of 2025


Carley Kaiser, Class of 2025

Kristina Rae, Class of 2025

Gabby Rivera, Class of 2025

Sanskar Mehta, Class of 2025

Jake Trinchetto, Class of 2025


Manuella Asare, Class of 2024

Anna Cornell, Class of 2025

Mickey Eaton, Class of 2025

Bella Ferranti, Class of 2025

Cassidy Gallivan, Class of 2024

Holly Geyer, Class of 2025

Abbey Hall, Class of 2025

Maya Iskowitz, Class of 2025

Kailee Leung, Class of 2025

Ruari Maloney, Class of 2025

Mullen Quaye, Class of 2024

LeAnn Sindt, Class of 2024

Lily Stevens, Class of 2025

Kiley Sullivan, Class of 2024

Juliana Valli, Class of 2025


Nandini Agarwal, Class of 2025

Lenley Aikin, Class of 2024

Jay Barrett, Class of 2024

Hailee Daunis, Class of 2024

Sarake Dembele, Class of 2024

Jordyn Dolan, Class of 2025

Maggie Farber, Class of 2025

Ishmeet Kaur, Class of 2025

Carli McConnell, Class of 2024

Vanessa Mpofu, Class of 2025

Noah Rosenzweig, Class of 2024

Patrick Roth, Class of 2025

Surya Sharma, Class of 2025

Mikayla Tolliver, Class of 2024

Ryan Vincent, Class of 2025

Libi Warmund, Class of 2024

Stella Win, Class of 2025


Rebecca Blacksten, Class of 2024

Katie Gang, Class of 2025

Jordan Hayakawa, Class of 2024

Vincent Tavernese, Class of 2025

Cami Weldon, Class of 2025

Congratulations to these students and thank you to our selection committee representing leaders in each academic school, student affairs staff, and students who won the award last year! We wish to thank Associate Deans Julie Dorsey, Rob Gearhart, Dawn Kline, Amy O'Dowd, and Steve TenEyck as well as Class of 2024 members Guadi Fanelli, Gabby Krain-Sasson, Madison Kramer, Alex Renzoni, and Tommy Zieger, who won the award last year. Mish Lenhart and Jess Shapiro round out this year's selection committee. Thank you all!