Farewell Cara!

By Dustin Hunter, June 18, 2024


As Cara Cirino ‘22 prepares to embark on her new journey at New York University, the team in the Office of Admission would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for her invaluable contributions. Cara's dedication and vibrant spirit have been instrumental in enhancing our daily operations, from engaging prospective families to contributing to the success of our large-scale events. Her innovative approach to problem-solving and data analysis has significantly improved our outreach efforts, particularly in one of our key recruitment territories in lower New York State and Connecticut. Cara's positive attitude and readiness to tackle challenges have not only benefited our team but have also left a lasting impression on everyone she worked with. As she transitions to her new role, we are confident that the skills and experiences she has honed here will lead to even greater achievements. Please join us as we bid Cara a fond farewell, celebrate her accomplishments, and wish her every success in her future endeavors. Her last day on campus is June 22, and while we will miss her presence, we are excited to see the heights she will reach at NYU. Thank you, Cara, for your remarkable contribution and for being a cherished member of our team!