Developing the Goals and Objectives

Deep Work on Big Themes

The spring semester is the most intensive for our community. We build out the details related to each theme that was identified in the fall, turning them into components of the full plan, each with with clear goals and objectives that can be enacted.


Just after the new year, the working groups convene and start working. 

On January 31, the All-College Gathering focuses the community on the plan, gearing up for this important stage in the process.


Each theme-based working group is active concurrently throughout the semester, sharing concepts, gathering ideas and feedback, consulting with internal and external experts, sharing progress with the community, and refining their work based on all these inputs. 

The February 13-15 Board of Trustees meeting includes sessions devoted to updates and discussions about the plan.

In April, the various planning groups share their draft goals and objectives to the steering committee and college community for feedback.

Bringing It Together


By mid-May, the working groups have incorporated feedback and the steering committee begins overseeing the production of the full draft of the new strategic plan. By this point, the major ideas and goals are well established and understood.

During their May 15-16 meeting, the Board of Trustees discusses the first preliminary draft. It also is shared with the campus community at this time.

To close this phase of work, a two-day "institute" on campus enables the community to engage deeply in the draft plan before final refinements begin.