Casey Kendall | Staff Representative

Executive Director, Applications and Infrastructure, Information Technology

What are some activities or groups you affiliate with that feel relevant to you?

I am a US Navy veteran, a first gen, and non-traditional student. 

What skillsets and perspective do you bring to the steering committee?

I have been in information technology in various capacities over the past 20 years. I feel my understanding of technology and complex systems can be helpful to the committee. But also the perspective that technology is not a substitute to interpersonal work, human to human work and in fact it can be is a distraction is something that I bring to the table. 

What motivated you to join the steering committee?

I was motivated to join the steering committee because I am inspired by our students, faculty, staff and administration. I felt a strong call to action, so to speak. I want to intimately hear from the campus of what they want to see for their future. I think being directly involved in these conversations will help us to better serve the college.

What is your major hope for the strategic planning effort?

I want the strategic process to harness the strengths of our differences, better identify our identity as a college and help us to move forward toward common goals and purpose. I want this to unite us, to create synergies, and new energies. Another hope is learning something new about our students. 

What do you love about Ithaca College that you hope will never change?

I am seeing a shift at Ithaca College into a collaboratively bold environment. What I mean by "collaboratively bold" is building a consensus to make daring decisions and act upon them together. My dream is that we harness this energy and expand upon it.