Jason Freitag | Co-Chair

Presidential Fellow, Academic Affairs; Associate Professor, Department of History

How long have you been at IC?

I have been here 15 years.

What are some activities or groups you affiliate with that feel relev ant to you?

I am a member of the inaugural cohort of the Presidential Fellows, I serve on the Faculty Council, have served on the Executive Committee of the Council and was the first ever Vice Chair of the Council. 

What skillsets and perspective do you bring to the steering committee?

I have served in a number of capacities at the college, from teaching my classes to working on school experiential learning committees to residence life opportunities and now all-college committees. I think I bring a broad perspective on a wide array of issues at the college. I also bring a deeply help belief in and focus on communication and transparency in the work I am doing. 

What motivated you to join the steering committee?

I have gained an appreciation in my time here for how great IC is, and for how much potential there is within IC. I am excited by the opportunity to move IC forward, to help realize this evolving promise of the college, and to help shape the future of IC. 

What is your major hope for the strategic planning effort?

I want people in the IC community to feel that they see themselves in this process, and that the plan that results feels authentic and true to the strengths and hopes of the college. 

What do you love about Ithaca College that you hope will never change?

I love the array of possibilities here, because I continue to learn by being in this space and engaging with the wide array of experiences we have available. I hope, and have every reason to believe that this vibrancy at IC will continue.