Raquel Jacobs | Student Representative

Integrative Studies, Class of 2020

What are some activities or groups you affiliate with that feel relevant to you?

ALANA Scholar  

Peer Success Coach in the Center for Academic Advancement 

IC Vietnamese Student Association Executive Board Member 

Bureau of Concerts Executive Board Member  

Reading Buddy Volunteer at the Village 

Former H&S Summer Scholar 

What skillsets and perspective do you bring to the steering committee?

I have served as a student on a variety of committees and boards, such as the C.A.P.S advisory board, SGC elections committee, and even faculty and staff candidate search committees. I plan to bring my perspective as a well-seasoned Ithaca College student who has had a variety of experiences in both extra curricular activities and academics.

What motivated you to join the steering committee?

My ability to network and navigate through the campus these past two years has motivated me to use my perspective to contribute to the planning efforts. 

What is your major hope for the strategic planning effort?

I hope to involve the members of our campus community that would not normally participate in such a planning effort. I hope to work closely with the rest of the committee on both efforts and strategies in doing so. The vitality of involving as many perspectives and people from our campus community is vital to the longevity and accuracy of what we truly need as an Ithaca College community.

What do you love about Ithaca College that you hope will never change?

I hope the desire of faculty, staff and administration to connect with students never changes. I have been lucky enough to meet people who have helped me every step of the way on my college journey and I want every other student to meet people who can do the same. I have made connections and relationships that I believe will last a lifetime.