IC Canvas LMS project is divided into four phases. Each phase listed includes an up-to-date timeline and detailed steps the implementation and technical teams are taking in order to ensure a successful and smooth transition from Sakai to Canvas. Action items for faculty, students, and staff are included. This timeline and information are updated frequently as the project progresses. 

Timeline of Canvas Implementation and Adoption

Timeframe: January-May

*Note that Sakai will remain the primary LMS through summer 2021. All Spring and Summer Session courses should be taught in Sakai. 

  1. Onboarding the Team
    1. Data Provisioning
    2. Authentication
    3. Content Creation
    4. Support
    5. Training
    6. Communication/Engagement
    7. Risk Register
  2. Run the Pilot in IC Canvas sandbox, collect feedback
  3. Plan and complete migration of academic course sites from Sakai to Canvas
  4. Begin development of IC Canvas
  5. Plan and begin the transition of project sites from Sakai to other platforms/tools
  6. Develop training plan, curate documentation


  • Form LMS Executive Committee
  • Form LMS Governance Committee


  • Prepare pilot environment of IC's Canvas instance
  • Select up to 500 users to participate in the pilot
  • Demo with Governance Committee of migration from Sakai to Canvas
  • Review academic and non-academic project sites & develop migration/transition plan
  • Begin Canvas pilot (limited tools and integrations, no technical and instructional design support will be available)
  • Develop and prepare Tier 1 support resources 


  • Launch limited Canvas pilot with select faculty and staff, and select students
  • Launch Tier 1 Canvas support 24/7/365 available via Chat, Phone, and Email
  • Prepare materials and communications for moving content out of Sakai Project Sites (non-academic)
  • Reach out to Sakai Project Site creator/maintainer(s) with documentation and resources to moving content out of Sakai and into other platforms
  • Create course template(s) and blueprint resources
  • Communicate steps to students for archival of resources and files from Sakai


  • Collect feedback on the Canvas pilot instance
  • K16 Solutions begins migration of course sites from Sakai to Canvas (Wave 1: May, Wave 2: August)
  • Project Site creator/maintainers(s) begin moving content out of Sakai (completed by September)

May 10-14 

  • Faculty provided access and get a sneak peek at Canvas  
  • Faculty enrolled in the self-paced “Growing with Canvas: Teacher Training” course and a Sandbox course to use as they complete the training modules 
  • Additional self-paced training materials made available to faculty 

May 17-26

  • K16 performs Phase 1 of a bulk migration (copy) of Sakai academic courses (Wave 1: Fall 2020, Winter 2021, and Spring 2021 semesters)
  • The technical team begins to add faculty members to their migrated (copied) courses 
  • Faculty sent a form to fill out for any course exceptions requests (due June 30) 
  • Fall 2021 courses available in Canvas with the default course template/blueprint applied  

May 24-31 

  • IDEAL Faculty Summer Institute - May 24-28 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 noon, daily (no prior Canvas knowledge required; all sessions will be recorded and made available after the institute)
  • Technical team completes adding faculty members to their migrated (copied) courses
  • Faculty begin to review the course content migrated (copied) from Sakai 
  • Faculty submit a form requesting course exceptions to be added to the summer bulk migration (due June 30)

Timeframe: June-July

*Note that Sakai will remain the primary LMS through summer 2021. All Summer Session courses should be taught in Sakai with the exception of the approved Pilot Courses which will be taught in Canvas. 

Throughout Summer 2021 

  • Faculty begin to build Fall 2021 courses in provided Canvas Course Shells
  • Faculty become familiar with Canvas exploring self-paced training materials 
  • Faculty provided with documentation and resources for steps to use migrated course content in a new course shell 
  • Continue Canvas Pilot with pre-approved courses and faculty


  • Test Canvas mobile applications with pilot participants
  • Technical Team continues to develop documentation and curate resources for faculty and students
  • Faculty submit Course Exception Form (due June 30) 


  • New Student Orientation (online) offered in Canvas - enrollment of all new and incoming students
  • Technical Team continues to apply feedback from pilot participants, making revisions to Canvas environment and preparing for the August launch
  • K16 performs the second wave of a bulk migration (copy) of Sakai academic courses from Summer 2021 and any Course Exception requests (completion expected by August 6)

Timeframe: August-December

*Note that Canvas will become the primary LMS beginning with the Fall 2021 semester. 

  1. Promotion and adoption of Canvas to IC community
  2. Ongoing training opportunities
  3. Full adoption - all Fall 2021 courses in Canvas
  4. Sakai access switched to Read-only 


  • The technical team moves 3rd party software tools (Zoom, Kaltura, VoiceThread, etc.) into IC's Canvas environment (by Aug 8)
  • Complete migration/transition of non-academic course sites from Sakai to other platforms (by Aug 6)
  • Asynchronous and synchronous Canvas training sessions (TBD)
  • Faculty are encouraged to review and finalize course development in Canvas prior to publishing (by Aug 23). All Fall 2021 courses taught through Canvas.
  • Sakai Project Site creator/maintainers complete process of moving content out of Sakai into an alternate platform (expected completion date Sept 1)
  • The official launch of IC's Canvas LMS - August 9, 2021


  • Move to read-only/limited Sakai access
  • Students begin retrieving and storing work/resources needed for culminating assignments for their programs (must be completed by December 2021)

Timeframe: November 2021 - January 2022

  1. Collect feedback on Canvas adoption and implementation
  2. Apply feedback and prepare for Spring 2022
  3. Guide students through retrieval of course materials
  4. Move Sakai to Cold Storage - Archival Vault


  • Collect detailed feedback from students and faculty to be used in preparation for Spring 2022 courses


  • Apply feedback to prepare for Spring 2022 academic courses
  • Students complete retrieval and storage of work/resources needed for culminating assignments for their programs (must be completed by December 20, 2021)
  • Sakai moved to cold storage vault on December 31 - Access limited to the LMS Administrator only with a maximum of three requests per year for access.