Moving to Migration, Implementation, and Adoption

A modern, comprehensive LMS is required to satisfy the expectations of our faculty and students, meet the demands of hybrid/remote learning, and improve the accessibility for our community.

In the fall of 2020, the office of the provost and information technology partnered to evaluate a replacement for Sakai - Ithaca College’s Learning Management System (LMS). An evaluation of the college’s LMS has not been conducted in over ten years. As Sakai’s market share has diminished the features, functionality, user interface, and quality of the product have also diminished, thus, faculty and student satisfaction with the product has declined.

A Learning Management System Replacement Advisory Committee and two action groups, with faculty, student, staff, and Information Technology (IT) representatives were formed to recommend a replacement. The goal was to identify a new LMS to bring our LMS services up to the level of our peers and aspirants and support the advancement of teaching and learning at IC, as well as support the institution’s five-year strategic plan, Ithaca Forever. Two finalist products were identified for in-depth review: D2L’s Brightspace and Instructure’s Canvas.

While the committees liked a lot about D2L’s Brightspace, in the end, the majority of the LMS Selection Advisory Committee felt that Canvas is the right product for Ithaca College at this time. In addition to recommending Canvas, the committee recommended that an LMS Governance Committee be created with faculty and student stakeholders to help guide the implementation process and create uniform standards for its configuration and use.

The LMS Executive Committee and the LMS Governance Committee have been formed and began meeting in January 2021. 

Advisory Committee Membership

Committee Co-chairs

  • Matt Clauhs, Assistant Professor of Music Education
  • Casey Kendall, Executive Director, IT - Applications & Infrastructure, 

Faculty Representatives

  • Colleen Countryman, Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy
  • Ellie Fulmer, Associate Professor of Education
  • Matt Rodgers, Associate Professor and Chair of Management
  • Edd Schneider, Associate Professor of Strategic Communication
  • Joe Ungco, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy

Student Representatives

  • Deontae Guy, SGC Senator at Large, Sociology Major, Class of 2023
  • Austin Ruffino, Scg Senator at Large, Business Administration Major, Class of 2023

Additional Representatives

  • Jean Copenhaver-Johnson, Associate Provost, Academic Programs
  • Brad Hougham, Associate Provost, Faculty Affairs
  • Jenna Linskens, Associate Director of Learning Technology
  • Brendan Murday, Associate Dean of Humanities and Sciences

Advisory Membership

  • Micky Akers-Coville, Project Manager/Business Analyst, Information Technology