Licensing and Vendors

Does this process apply to print publications?

Flyers, posters, and other print publications that are used solely for promotional purposes are not affected by this program. The trademark and licensing program applies to merchandise only.

How can a vendor apply to become licensed?

Vendors must complete the appropriate license application through the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). The application process takes approximately two weeks to complete.

What might prevent a vendor from being approved for a license?

All vendors need to prove they are reputable companies in order to receive licenses. Along with submitting general business information at the time of application, vendors must maintain a certain level of insurance and send in a sample of their work. If they are unable to meet the requirements or their sample is of poor quality, they may not be approved.

How much does a license application cost?

CLC charges $250 for an internal license application (any number of schools).  For a retail license application, CLC charges $250 for a single school, and $500 for multiple schools.

How long does it take to get a proof or artwork approved through the CLC system?

Approvals of artwork may take up to five business days during periods of heavy volume. The Office of College Relations and Communications strives for same-day approvals whenever feasible.

How can a vendor get access to the Ithaca College artwork/logos?

Once a vendor is licensed by CLC, all artwork and logos are accessed through CLC's Logos on Demand portal.

If a student club plans to sell shirts as a fundraiser, what type of license does the vendor need?

In this type of situation, the vendor would need a retail license. Items purchased by a College organization are not subject to royalties even if the items are being sold publicly.

If a licensed vendor already produced an approved shirt, can they use the same design to produce a mug?

Each design must be separately approved through the CLC system. A design that may be appropriate for one item may not be approved for use on a different item. Items that have already been approved through CLC can be reordered for exact reprints on the same merchandise for which the approval was previously granted, but must go through the Approvals on Demand system for review again.

Does each product or item need separate approval?

Yes. Each piece of artwork and every new item must go through the CLC approval process. For example, a design used on an approved cup can’t be used on a shirt without going through the approval process. Reprints/re-orders must also be approved each time.

What if someone wants to use the word "Ithaca" alone on merchandise?

Since “Ithaca” is also the name of the town in which the College is located, the College can only regulate merchandise that contains the word “Ithaca” and also clearly refers to the College. See the list of protected terms and marks.

What happens if unlicensed merchandise is found in the marketplace?

We will first work with the vendor to try to remedy the unlicensed merchandise. If the matter is not resolved or there is no response to our communication, unauthorized merchandise may be considered counterfeit and legal action may be taken.

What does the College do with the collected royalty payments?

The royalty payments are deposited in the general Ithaca College budget for College-wide distribution and use.