Izzy Award Honors Journalist Matt Taibbi, Publication “News Inside” and Puerto Rican Nonprofit Centro de Periodismo Investigativo

By Patrick Bohn ’05, October 20, 2020
Virtual Award ceremony to take place on Oct. 28.

This year, the Park Center for Independent Media (PCIM) at Ithaca College will present the Izzy Award for outstanding achievement in independent media to journalist Matt Taibbi; “News Inside,” a print publication produced by The Marshall Project; and Puerto Rico’s Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPI).

The virtual awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 28, at 6 p.m. ET, and feature speeches from each winner. To join, attendees can register via Zoom.

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Matt Taibbi is a contributing editor for Rolling Stone.

Taibbi has tackled subjects of critical importance throughout the last year, including media bias, government misconduct and the presidential campaign. His stories, which are partly reader-funded, came together to form the basis of “Hate Inc: Why Today's Media Makes Us Despise One Another.” The Izzy judges called the book “original, irreverent, provocative, highly entertaining and, most of all, invariably based on hard digging.”

Taibbi, who was awarded the National Magazine Award in the category “Columns and Commentary” for his columns in Rolling Stone magazine, is also the co-host of a political podcast called “Useful Idiots.”

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Lawrence Bartley is the director of "News Inside."

“News Inside” was started in 2019 by The Marshall Project, which is a nonprofit news organization covering the U.S. criminal justice system. Initiated by Lawrence Bartley, who joined the Marshall Project in 2018 after serving 27 years in prison, “News Inside” features articles written by current and former inmates and is circulated in more than 500 prisons and jails throughout the United States and Canada. Bartley will accept the award on behalf of the publication.

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Carla Minet is the executive director of the Centro de Periodismo Investigativo.

Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPI), out of Puerto Rico, has provided public interest reporting on a variety of subjects over this past year, including the government’s negligent disaster preparedness policies and the true death toll of Hurricane Maria on the island. On behalf of CPI, Executive Director Carla Minet will accept the award.

 The Izzy Award was first awarded in 2009 and is presented by the Park Center for Independent Media. The award is named after I. F. Stone, the dissident journalist who launched “I.F. Stone’s Weekly” in 1953 and challenged McCarthyism, the Vietnam War, racial injustice and government deceit.

This year’s judges included director of the Park Center for Independent Media Raza Rumi, former PCIM director and founder of FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) Jeff Cohen, communications professor and author Robert W. McChesney, and Linda Jue, executive director and editor at the G. W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism.

For more information on the Park Center for Independent Media and the Izzy Award, visit www.parkindymedia.org.