A Safe Move-Out

By Marsha Dawson, April 30, 2021
A message from Marsha Dawson, Director of Residential Life and Student Conduct and Community Standards.

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As we enter May, students are beginning to turn their attention to the academic finish line, their summer plans and the inevitable move out of their campus housing. To work towards an efficient residential move-out process, we must prioritize the health and wellness of our campus community. The key steps to keep in mind for a safe and efficient move out include: pack and remove all of one's belongings, tidy one's living area, return all keys to the drop box location and adhere to the college COVID guidelines.   

Safety requirements to practice during move-out are the same as those practiced during the move-in process. Please limit the number of individuals that travel to campus. Guests may not enter the residence halls, though they are welcome to help move belongings from the outside of the building to the preferred mode of transportation.

As the level of vaccination varies within our campus community, we will need to continue practicing physical distancing, including in elevators, and we must always wear face coverings while on campus. Additional safety suggestions include sanitizing one's hands, refraining from socializing in large groups, limiting the number of individuals in an elevator, and using the correct stairwells as indicated. Students must collect their belongings and move out as quickly as possible.  

There may be slightly more activity on campus throughout May as the move-out process can begin at any time. However, the residence halls, except the Circle Apartments, will officially close on Saturday, May 15, at 3 p.m. for all students who are not graduating seniors. Graduating seniors are approved to remain on campus through Monday, May 24, and the Circle Apartments will close on June 30, at 5 p.m. After students move out, staff will inspect each empty space and identify any maintenance needs. More details about move out can be found at Move-Out: checklist, dates, process, guidelines, keys

The end of a semester is an impactful time for everyone involved. It's a time of reflection, personal celebrations, completion, meeting goals and saying goodbye. I imagine it may even be more impactful as we made it through this semester as a collective community, while upholding the common standards of safety and civility. As we near the finish line, we thank everyone in advance for their continued work towards maintaining a safe campus residential community.   


Marsha Dawson  
Director of Residential Life and Student Conduct and Community Standards