Fall 2023 Move-Out

All students who will not be living on-campus or in the same room/apartment for the spring 2024 semester are expected to move out by 12:00pm on Saturday, December 16, 2023. Students who are not remaining on-campus for the spring semester are not eligible to register for winter break housing.

Fall Move out checklist:
  • Clean and vacuum room/apartment. If you are not able to vacuum your space, we will accept broom-cleaned conditions. 
  • Dispose of any trash and/or recycling at the designated area outside of the building. 
  • Rented microfridges should be emptied of all food, cleaned, and left plugged in.  The company will pick up the units from the rooms/ apartments after move out. 
  • College-owned apartment refrigerators should be emptied, cleaned, and remain plugged in with the door closed. 
  • Return and reassemble all furniture to its proper locations.  
  • Remove all personal belongings. No storage is provided for students.
    • Any and all abandoned property left behind will be discarded immediately after checkout, and students are responsible for the cost of removal.  
  • Close and lock the windows, and patio/balcony door. 
  • Once all items are completely moved out, lock the door, place your key(s) in the envelope provided, and return the key to the appropriate office. 
  • Return the key(s) to a designated Key Drop location:  
    • Circles residents: Circles Area office in the Circles Community Building 
    • All other residents: Main Res Life Office located on the lobby level (1st floor) of the East Tower 

Winter Break Housing

All residence halls except for Eastman, Tallcott, and Terrace 6, are closed during Winter break, and offer break housing options after the college has reopened in January. Circle and Garden Apartments, Eastman, Tallcott, and Terrace 6 remain open during Winter break. During Winter break, if you live in a closed residence hall you must vacate your room for the duration of the break. 

The Circle and Garden Apartments, Eastman, Tallcott, and Terrace 6 remain open for all current residents who are living in the same on-campus housing assignment for both the Fall and the Spring semester. Room assignment changes cannot occur during break periods. 

Residents must complete the Winter Break Registration Form to register the dates they will be staying in their assigned rooms during the break period. The form will be available through IC Workflow beginning after the Thanksgiving break has ended. Residents must submit the registration form prior to 5:00pm on the Thursday before the residence halls close for break. 

Forgot to Turn In Your Key?

If you get home and realize that you forgot to turn in your room/apartment key, mail it back to us.  Padded envelopes are recommended. Keys packaged in a plain envelope are often missing upon arrival because the postal machine tears through the envelope.  

Please send the keys to: 

Kasey Spada
Ithaca College  
Office of Residential Life  
953 Danby Rd  
Ithaca, NY 14850  

We must receive the keys, otherwise a lock change will be ordered for the room and the charge will be applied to your student account.  

Staff are available in the Office of Residential Life to answer your questions or assist you if something should come up.  

2001 East Tower (first floor, concourse level)

Phone: (607)274-3141

Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM (from 5-9pm office open for lock outs for students)