Circles Check-in and Check-out


Fall semester residents may not check-in prior to the published Fall semester Move-In Day (see Important Dates).

New Spring semester residents (including students returning to campus from Study Abroad, LA, London, and NYC programs) may not check-in prior to the published January Move-In Day (see Important Dates).


Fall semester Circles residents who will not be living on campus during the Spring semester (e.g., December graduates, Study Abroad, LA, London, and NYC programs), must check-out of their apartments by the Residence Hall Closing Date for Winter break (see Important Dates). 

All Spring semester Circles residents must check-out by 5:00 pm on June 30. The days between June 30 and the published Fall Move-In Day are needed to conduct damage assessments, make necessary repairs, and prepare apartments for new residents.


When you check-out, it is important to return the apartment key/s that were issued to you on your move-in day. If key/s are not returned, a lock change with replacement keys is ordered and your student account will be billed. 

You may officially check-in or check-out of your Circle Apartment at the Circles Community Center office during business hours.

Between Apartments

When you are required to check-out, you are responsible for managing your belongings beyond your check-out date. The college does not have storage space for students’ personal items.

Some students return home for the days between the required Summer Move-Out Day and Fall Move-In Day while others sublet off-campus. Students who attend Summer Sessions or work on the Ithaca College campus during the summer can arrange for Summer Housing through the Conference and Event Services Office.