Circle Apartments

The Circle Apartments offer our students an independent living opportunity in an on-campus residential environment. Circle Apartments accommodate three, four, five, or six students in spacious, fully-furnished, air-conditioned, carpeted, private-entrance units. Kitchens contain full-size electric appliances, including a dishwasher and microwave.

Convenient parking is available for Circles residents (contact the Parking and Traffic Services office for more information). All Circle buildings are within walking distance of the Academic Quad.

The Circle Apartment complex includes the Circles Community Center which is available to all Circles residents. Inside is a fitness room, mail lockers, a self-service laundry room, and other amenities including the Circles office which is open daily. The Circles office closes in observance of various holidays.

Circle Apartments open for occupancy on the Fall semester Move-In Day and close at 5:00 PM on June 30. 

Need more information that you don't see here? Contact the Circles office at (607)274-1474 or by E-mail at

How Many Apartments?

Corner of College Circle and College Circle Lane
  • (7) 3-person (all single bedrooms)*
    *Graduate student housing only
  • (8) 4-person (one double bedroom)
  • (45) 4-person (all single bedrooms)
  • (65) 5-person (one double bedroom)
  • (50) 6-person (one double bedroom)

Note: Six of the 4-person apartments are Apartment Assistant (AA) apartments. 

Circle Highlights
  • Campus Meal Plan not required.
  • Circles Community Center.
  • Well-lit walking and jogging trails; it's a 12-minute walk to center of campus. 
  • Lower apartment units have a patio and upper apartment units have a balcony.
  • You may remain in your apartment for break periods during the academic year (Fall, November, Winter and Spring breaks).
  • Full-size (54" x 76") beds in single bedrooms. Twin XL (38" X 80") beds in double bedrooms. 
  • Co-ed apartment option with individually lockable bedrooms for privacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Bedroom: bedrooms have a desk, desk chair, and dresser per person, there is a closet in each bedroom, single bedrooms have a full-size bed and double bedrooms have twin XL size beds

Bathroom: bathrooms come with a shower curtain

Kitchen: kitchens have a full-size refrigerator, oven/stove, dishwasher and microwave, and dining room table with chairs for each resident is located close to the kitchen

Common Area/Living Room: living rooms have 1-2 couches and 1-2 chairs (depending on number of bedrooms), an end table, and coffee table

More Apartment Features: there is an air conditioner unit in each bedroom and common area/living room. Air conditioners are not to be used during the late fall to early spring; damage could occur to the air conditioner. Your windows have blinds or shades provided by the College. The apartments have carpet in every room, except kitchens and bathrooms.

It’s a good idea to check with your apartment mates so that you do not duplicate items:

Bedroom: sheets, pillows, blanket, and comforter to fit twin XL size bed in a double room and full-size bed in a single room, clothes hangers, waste basket, desk lamp, laundry basket, surge protected power strip, clothing for summer and early fall weather

Bathroom: towels, toilet paper, bath mat, small waste basket, cleaning supplies, toilet brush, plunger, personal care items. FYI:  Do not use Drano in the sinks, toilet or tub drains. You can contact Facilities to unclog a sink, toilet and tub drains.

Kitchen: dishes, glasses and mugs, silverware, cookware, utensils, bakeware, spices, storage containers, cutting board, dish towels/cloths, toaster, cleaning supplies, broom and dustpan, mop, paper products, dish strainer, trash can

Common Area/Living Room: TV, throw rug

More Things to Pack: under-the-bed storage bins, drying rack, your computer, small office supplies

Check out our Apartment Guide.  This guide includes a list of the most common Health and Safety violations in the apartments, prohibited items, approved items, apartment cleanliness information and frequently asked questions. Be informed to keep our community safe!

Your name

1033 Danby Rd

Your Circle Apt # (ex: CA 111-09)

Ithaca NY 14850

Please check out the Ithaca College Mail Services page for valuable information about receiving and sending packages.

No. All Ithaca College buildings, including campus housing, are smoke-free pursuant to New York’s Clean Indoor Air Act. It does not matter what substance you want to smoke; smoking and vaping are not permitted indoors. You must be outdoors and smoke at least 25 feet from all buildings.

When you move out, you must officially check out and return your apartment key/s to the Circles office. If key/s are not returned, a lock change with replacement keys is ordered and your student account will be billed.

Circles Apartments 360-Degree Apartment Views

2nd-Floor Apt. Common Room

360-Degree Apartment Common Space (Living Room) in a 4-Person, 2nd-Floor, Circle Apartment.

Tour Room Here
2nd-Floor Apt. Dining & Balcony

360-Degree Apartment Dining Space & Balcony in a 4-Person, 2nd-Floor, Circle Apartment.

Tour Spaces Here
2nd-Floor Apt. Single Room

360-Degree Apartment Single Room in a 4-Person, 2nd-Floor, Circle Apartment.

Tour Room Here
6-Person Townhouse First Floor

360-Degree 6-Person Townhouse, Common Space

Tour Common Space Here
6-Person Townhouse Second Floor

360-Degree 6-Person Townhouse, Common Space Balcony

Tour Upstairs Balcony Area Here