Engage is where students can access the full list of registered and active student organizations to see which ones they might like to join, and see what events are happening on campus. Students can search for organizations based on categories or interests.

Student organizations can use Engage to maintain their operations, communicate internally, and reach out to prospective new members. The site has many features that make organization management a breeze! 

To learn more about student organizations at Ithaca College, please visit Engage today!

Student Organization Storage

OSE Recognized student organizations may request space in a storage cabinet in the Campus Center by completing the application on Engage.

Leading @ IC

Leading @ IC is a track in the Student Leadership Institute. Unlike the other tracks, Leading @ IC is specifically designed to improve leadership skills within a student organization, so it's recommended that you be a member of a student organization to attend any of the workshops in this track. You must preregister on IC Engage to receive SLI Credit. 

S.O.S.-Student Organization Specialist

Is your student organization in need of help? Send out a S.O.S and let the Student Organization Specialists consult with your organization! The specialists offer sessions that include Team Building, Transitioning Your Organization, Retaining Members, Recruitment, and Establishing an Identity. You can also request a customized workshop that is catered to your student organization's needs! This FREE service is ran through the Office of Student Engagement.

Contact a Specialist by e-mailing studentorgs@ithaca.edu to schedule a session for your student organization today!

Club Hub

Club Hub is the student organization newsletter that is distributed every two weeks electronically to all student organization members and advisors. To post information in Club Hub or to subscribe to the mailing list, email studentorgs@ithaca.edu.

Student Activities Center

The Student Activities Center is located at 311 Egbert Hall in the Campus Center. This space serves as a resource center for student organizations. Students are encouraged to stop by the SAC, check out the supplies, grab a cup of coffee, use resources, meet new people or get assistance from the Student Leadership Consultants.




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