Each year Student Organizations must go through the Recognition Process

In order for Student Organizations to fully operate, they must become "Recognized" through OSE. Organizations through OSE must be co-curricular in nature and open to all students to join; this is what sets them apart from academic organizations or club sports.

Recognized Organizations secure the following benefits:

  • Reserving rooms on 25Live
  • Requesting funding from campus offices, departments, and the Student Governance Council (SGC)
  • Using OSE storage for Student Organization items
  • Utilizing the Student Activities Center (SAC), a dedicated space for Student Organizations to meet and use resources
  • Connecting with OSE professional and student staff for support in operations and management
  • Using Ithaca College's name in the organization title
  • Tabling and Soliciting on campus
  • Printing through the on-campus Print Shop
  • Receiving a campus financial account
  • Traveling as a Student Organization

Un-Recognized Organizations will not be able to operate with these functions, so completing the Re-Recognition process each year will be highly beneficial and ensure an organization's success and longevity.

Important Dates: 2023-2024

Below are the 2023-2024 academic year dates for the Re-Recognition Process. Please note, these dates and deadlines vary each year. 

  • August 1st, 2023:   Re-Recognition Process opens, Student Organizations enter a grace period
  • September 29th, 2023:   The grace period ends
  • December 8th, 2023:   Re-Recognition Process ends
  • March 8th, 2024:   New Student Organization Recognition process ends

Re-Recognition provides Student Organization Officers the opportunity to learn OSE policies and procedures, update their records, and develop skills in leadership and organization operations. Re-Recognition runs from the start of the academic year until the end of the Fall semester. Deadlines vary by year; officers and Advisors receive an email from the Associate Director for Student Involvement over the summer before the process opens with official dates and deadlines. There is typically a "grace period" in September where orgs can operate as a fully Recognized organization as they complete the process, gain members, and set their events for the year. After the grace period ends, the privileges of Recognition ends (outlined above), so it is important for orgs to complete the process quickly so they can remain operating.

  1. Submit the Re-Recognition Form found on IC Engage. This form will also be emailed out to the primary contacts for the organization as well as their Advisors.
  2. Update the Organization's IC Engage page:
    • Create a constitution with the NEW constitution template found on the Re-Recognition Form. This constitution will be reviewed and approved by OSE.
    • Update the organization's roster, primary contact, "About" page, and other aspects of the page as needed.
    • Invite Advisor to accept the "Advisor Agreement" through IC Engage. The student editing the IC Engage page must send this agreement to the Advisor through IC Engage. The Advisor will receive an email from IC Engage notifying them of this Agreement. Advisors must accept this agreement in order for the organization to move forward in the Re-Recognition process.
    • Designate 4 primary officers according to given instructions on the Re-Recognition form 
  3.  4 designated officers must attend at least 1 Leading @IC SLI in Block 1 before the Grace Period ends. If the organization misses the Grace Period deadline, each designated officer must attend 2 SLIs in Block 2 before the semester's end. The Re-Recognition process will close at the end of classes in the Fall semester.
  4. Each E-Board member must review the NEW "Student Organization Handbook". This will be emailed to all Student Organization primary contacts and Advisors. It will also be made available on the OSE website.
  5. Each E-Board member must take and pass the "Student Organization Handbook" Quiz.

Alternative Option for #3: Attendance at The Student Organization Conference, which will occur during the Grace Period in the Fall 2023 semester, can count for Block 1 and 2's SLI requirement for the 4 designated officers.

These requirements are tracked by OSE staff and an official notification email will be sent to all E-Board members and their Advisor after completion of the Re-Recognition process. If an official email is not received, this indicates the organization did not finish all steps. For questions or further assistance, please contact OSE at studentorgs@ithaca.edu.

New Student Organization Recognition (NSOR)

Students have the opportunity to create an Organization if they don't see one that fits for them! Students interested in doing this should email studentorgs@ithaca.edu to set up a meeting with one of our Student Leadership Consultants (SLC). The assigned SLC will ask questions about the Organization's mission and purpose and will provide guidance on the steps to complete the New Student Organization Recognition Process.

To prepare for this meeting, students should consider the following:

  • Ensuring the Organization idea is not already taken, by viewing Organizations on IC Engage. *OSE reserves the right to not Recognize a new Organization if they are closely related to a currently Recognized Organization or offered program at Ithaca College.
  • Getting a staff or faculty Advisor. This person must be a full-time employee of Ithaca College.
  • Recruiting at least 10 members.
  • Assigning at least 4 Designated Officers, with at least 1 President and 1 Treasurer.
  • Thinking about the Organization's mission, values, and activities.