Welcome to an inclusive, respectful, increasingly diverse community.

Our diversity intersects in many ways, and we are committed to actively working toward creating an inclusive and respectful space where together we can live, learn, work, and succeed.
This is a lifelong journey! And it begins with a reflective shift in how we interact with our friends, family, and community.

Contrast the maxim “Treat others as I want to be treated” with “Treat others how they wish to be treated.” Acknowledging another person’s experiences and feelings is a first step toward cultivating a respectful community where everyone can thrive. As one of our newest community members, you are invited to consider what this means for you.

As a family member of a new student, how will you interact with the faculty, staff, and student leaders who are dedicated to educating and supporting your student? How will you support your student’s identity development and challenge them as they negotiate a community with diverse values? Our diversity and inclusion website has a wealth of information regarding upcoming events, action steps to address racism and cultural bias, campus climate survey details, and where to find support.