About Hammond Health Center

Hammond Health Center provides comprehensive primary medical care services and patient education to the Ithaca College student community.

Prior to beginning classes, you must complete health certification forms online AND provide an official immunization record. This is required in order to comply with New York State law; to protect your health and that of your fellow students; and to provide us with information that will help us understand and serve your health needs while you are at Ithaca College. All health care records at Hammond Health Center are confidential and are completely separate from any other college records.

1. Provide a copy of your immunization records. A record of two MMRs is required by New York State law for entry into Ithaca College.

Submit this via:

Take the Immunization Form for Health Certification Requirement to your doctor to complete OR send any copy of official records such as school immunization records or records verified by a health care provider.

If you will not yet be 18 years old when you move to campus, you must also print the Required Forms for Minors and have them completed and signed by a parent or guardian and submit them in hard copy (see above).

Start: May 1

Due: June 15 or as soon as possible thereafter (must be complete prior to moving to campus in August).

2. Complete health forms in the MyICHealthCenter web portal.

Go to MyICHealthCenter and log in using your Netpass username and password, then confirm with your birth date. Then select the “Forms” tab from the menu on the left.

Complete and submit the following forms electronically:

  • Health History Form: you will need information about your personal and your family health history.
  • Immunization Form: fill this out to the best of your ability, we will verify the information when we receive your official immunization record.
  • Notice of Privacy Practices Form
  • Meningococcal Response Form
  • Tuberculosis Assessment Form

Start: May 1

Due: June 15 or as soon as possible thereafter (must be complete prior to coming to campus in August)

3. Provide a copy of a recent physical exam, preferably from within the past year.

Submit this as in (1), above.

Take the Physical Exam Form for Health Certification to your doctor to complete, OR provide any copy of official records printed and verified by a health care provider.

Start: May 1

Due: June 15 or as soon as possible thereafter (must be complete prior to moving to campus in August)

4. Choose whether to subscribe to the student health insurance plan.

Learn about the student health insurance plan waiver and enrollment process.  

You must choose whether to keep or decline the student health insurance plan. All students are automatically billed for the insurance, so be sure to complete this step by August 10.

  • Visit the University Health Plans website, then select Ithaca College from the dropdown menu.
  • Review the plan coverage. Be sure you know whether and how your current health insurance plan will cover you while you are student in Ithaca, New York.
    • Choose whether to waive or enroll. Select “Waiver Form” or “Enrollment Form” from the menu options on the left of the University Health Plans web page.
      • For the Waiver Form, you must complete the pre-waiver questionnaire and then enter information about your current health plan. After submitting a waiver, you will receive a confirmation email. Keep this for your records. The health insurance charge will be credited to your student financial services account, usually within 14 days or less of the waiver submission.
      • For the Enrollment Form, you must complete the enrollment form information, but you do not need to submit payment for the plan. The charge will remain on your student financial services account.

Deadline: August 10

Contact University Health Plans with questions:

(617) 472-5324
Toll free: (800) 437-6448
Fax: (617) 472-6419



Contact the Health Certification Coordinator at healthcertifications@ithaca.edu or 607-274-1334


Hammond Health Center at 607-274-3177