Zoom Support

Here you will find information to help you to navigate Zoom throughout Virtual Orientation, tips to ensure you have the best experience possible, and ideas for troubleshooting.

Step One: Downloading Zoom

It’s best to do this ahead of time so you can quickly join when it’s time for your virtual orientation sessions.

Downloading on a Mac or PC

  1. Visit zoom.us/download
  2. Click the blue download button under “Zoom Client for Meetings”

More Info On Downloading on a Computer

Downloading on a Smartphone

  1. Visit the app store or Play Store and search “Zoom Cloud Meetings”
  2. Click download.

Step Two: Joining A Meeting or Webinar

  1. Click on the meeting link found in an email or on the website
  2. Click the Meeting URL to launch Zoom.
  3. Your browser will then prompt you to open Zoom. Click the Open Zoom button
  4. If you joined before the anticipated start time, you may see a waiting screen. The meeting or webinar will start once the host is ready.

Tips for the Best Experience

A lot of the meetings & webinars will have visual components. While you can dial in to a meeting on your phone, we recommend joining on a computer or mobile device so that you can see the shared information.

Download Zoom and test meeting links beforehand to prevent problems with joining a meeting or webinar while it is going on.