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New Tool for Planning Your Course Schedule

Check out the new tool in Degree Works that you can use to plan your course schedule! It will help you:  

  • Plan registration for upcoming semesters.
  • Better understand remaining degree requirements.
  • Stay on track to graduate within the desired time range.
  • Prepare for advising appointments with your faculty advisor.

You can find the schedule planning tool in Degree Works on the new tab called the PLAN.

Over the coming weeks, you may receive information from your school or department with specific guidance on how to use the planner.
Some degree programs have pre-loaded semester-by-semester plans, which can be utilized as a platform for individual student planning.
If there is not a pre-loaded plan, you can explore and build your own plan.

 Use these tutorials for guidance:

Student Educational Planner - Create a Blank Plan
Student Educational Planner - Plan from a Template
Student Educational Planner - Audit View
Student Educational Planner - Additional Features

The plans will allow increased collaboration and coordination with faculty advisors, the Academic Advising Center, and your dean’s office.
If you have any questions please email

Important Dates and Deadlines

Welcome to the Spring 2020 academic term.

Click here for complete academic calendars and final exam schedules.

SPRING 2020 Important Dates:


January 20

MLK, Jr. Day (No Classes)


January 21

Classes Begin 8:00 a.m.


January 27

Last Day to Audit Semester & Block I Courses


January 27

Last Day ADD/DROP Block I Courses in HomerConnect


January 27

Last Day ADD/DROP Semester Course in HomerConnect


January 29

Last Day S/D/F Option in Block I Courses


February 10

Last Day S/D/F Option in Semester Courses

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