Welcome to the Television-Radio Program

Television and radio are everywhere in our culture. In our homes and cars, on our computers, tablets and phones. With the rise of mobile and social media more people are watching TV and listening to the radio than ever before! That means more people are needed to create, manage and distribute television and radio in this always changing media world.

With over 500 majors, students come to the Television-Radio program from all over the country and the world to study and learn about the television and radio industry. As one of the longest running programs in the country, we've been teaching students all about television and radio for over 50 years!

The Television Radio degree (TVR) will provide you with a unique educational experience to prepare you for a wide variety of careers. If you dream of becoming a director at NBC, editing a reality TV show for TLC, covering sports at ESPN, writing TV scripts for Comedy Central, producing a series for HBO, directing a documentary for PBS, launching the next emerging media venture like Vudu – either here or around the world – the TVR degree can help make it a reality for you.

The TVR degree is a professional program in a liberal arts educational environment. We offer a unique balance of hands-on experiences and theoretical learning. From the moment you arrive on campus, you'll get hands-on training using professional quality equipment in our state-of-the-art facilities, acquiring the skills that will help get you a job after college. You'll also receive the life-long learning and knowledge to become the next generation of leaders in the world of television and radio.

The curriculum of the TVR degree gives you a well-rounded education. All TVR students will be taking classes in media writing, research, new technologies and government regulation. Students also have the opportunity to develop their own "Area of Study" where you can build a degree that is unique to your educational goals. These can include: Multi-Camera TV Studio Production; Single Camera Narrative Production; Non-Fiction/Documentary Production; Sports Production; On-Camera Performance, Scriptwriting; Producing; Directing; Social Media; Graphics and Animation; International Communications, or you can design your own! Courses from other majors in Park, such as Cinema/Photography, Journalism, and Integrated Marketing Communications can also be applied to your TVR degree.

You can also become actively involved in one of the Park School's student media outlets from the moment you arrive on campus. Our student media are among the best in the country and win award after award (after award....after award!) These are great opportunities to build on your education whether it is at the campus television network, our two radio stations, the weekly newspaper or on-line magazine. The Park School's student media are run as professional organizations so you will gain experience, learn to deal with on-the-job challenges, and build your portfolio....all skills important to land that job after you graduate.

Getting your foot in the door is one of the first steps to a great career. At the Park School of Communications we help you do that during your first year. We have a full-time Professional Development Coordinator who assists students in finding internships in a variety of media outlets. You can also participate in our Los Angeles and New York City programs by taking classes at our Ithaca College centers in these cities while completing internships, all designed so you can graduate on time. Many of our students do multiple internships while at Ithaca College. You get academic credit, on-the-job experience and establish valuable networking connections.

TVR alum work in every aspect of the media. TVR students become producers, directors, managers, on-air performers, technicians, academics and artists. When you turn on the TV, listen to the radio or click on a video, it’s a good bet a TVR alum had something to do with it. They work at places like ABC, ESPN, MTV, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, SiriusXM Radio, NBC News, SONY Pictures, NFL Network CNN, Funny or Die, Discovery Channel, E! Entertainment, Hulu…. and the list goes on! Check out our list of recent TVR graduates. https://www.ithaca.edu/rhp/depts/tvr/tvralumni/

There are thousands upon thousands of "Parkies" out there and they are loyal to their school. Many alum are willing to help give you advice, be a mentor, assist in landing an internship and can even help you get a job after you graduate. When it says Park on your resume it speaks volumes to potential employers. It's both WHAT you know and WHO you know that leads to success.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a similar degree that will prepare you for that first job after college and give you the learning skills to build a rewarding career. That’s why the TVR degree is the most popular program at Ithaca College.

For more information contact Peter Johanns, Program Director, Television-Radio Program. pjohanns@ithaca.edu 607.274.3911

Our new, amazing TV set in Studio B!
TVR is now on Twitter
Twitter logo

The TVR Program is now on Twitter. Please follow us at #ICTVR.

Students win College TV Award

Congratulations to Dr. Ben Crane's Documentary Workshop students for being awarded College Emmys at the College Television Awards in Los Angeles. The films, "The Provider" and "Fighter By Nature," were produced by one team of current seniors and one team of alumni, respectively.

TVR Professors Produce Reality Show
Assemble THIS

Professor’s Peter Johanns and Chrissy Guest produced a reality TV game show called "Assemble THIS," where two couples compete against each other to assemble frustrating household items. Over 30 students using 10 HD cameras worked on the show, which will be pitched to TV networks like TLC and HGTV.

Students Broadcast a Live Lacrosse Game
Lacrosse students

TVR students broadcasted a live Lacrosse game in Prof. Johanns' annual mini course.

IC's Modern Family Connection
IC's Modern Family Connection

Prof. Jack Powers spends time on the Modern Family set. To read more, click here.

Amelia Marino/The Ithacan

Assistant Professor Gossa Tsegaye uses the Park School's HD remote production truck to direct a recreation of a speech given by civil rights activist Frederick Douglass when he visited Ithaca in 1852. Students from the Park School served as the technical crew for this project of great historic significance to the Ithaca area.