Welcome to the Television-Radio Program

Our environment is saturated with video and audio - in our homes and cars, on our computers, tablets and phones, and on advertising and artistic installations ranging from stadiums, museums and concert halls to screens in elevators, taxis, and gas pumps! That means more people are needed to create, manage and distribute that content - and that can be you.

For over 60 years, Ithaca College has been teaching television and radio and our thousands of alumni are testament to our powerful mix of hands-on learning plus an emphasis on a strong liberal arts foundation. Our students know how to create content -- but moreover, they have something to say.

The Television Radio degree (TVR) offers courses in video production (studio and field) and post-production, audio, screenwriting, audience research, programming development and producing, and critical analysis the economics, regulation, and content of popular media. You'll learn to work in fast-paced creative and technical environments with diverse teams, to pitch ideas and analyze programming, and to develop a conceptual framework that will enable you to become a principled decision-maker in a fast-changing media industry.

The career outcomes are rich and varied - and our students land great opportunities right after graduation. If you dream of becoming a network TV director, an agent for screenwriters and talent, a comedy or dramatic screenwriter, a documentary producer for PBS, or eventually managing a cable network such as Discovery or leading The Walt Disney Company, the TVR degree can help make it a reality for you as it did for our alumni who actually hold these jobs.

Students have the opportunity to develop their own "Area of Study" where you can build a degree that fits your educational goals. These can include: Multi-Camera TV Studio Production; Single Camera Narrative Production; Non-Fiction/Documentary Production; Sports Production; On-Camera Performance, Scriptwriting; Producing; Directing; Social Media; Graphics and Animation; International Communications, or you can design your own! Courses from other majors in Park, such as Cinema/Photography, Journalism, and Integrated Marketing Communications can also be applied to your TVR degree.

From your very first weeks on campus you will be encouraged to become actively involved in one of the Park School's award-winning student media outlets from the moment you arrive on campus. ICTV produces more than 20 shows a week, ranging from news, sports, and talk shows to scripted drama and live coverage of athletic and artistic events. WICB-FM and VIC radio offer students the opportunity to have their own shows and to rise into the ranks of managing talent and promotions. Park Productions hires advanced students to work on projects for clients, ranging from documentaries on scientific projects in the Amazon to a promotional web series for the area wine trail. The Park School's student media are run as professional organizations so you will gain experience, learn to deal with on-the-job challenges, and build your portfolio....all skills important to land that job after you graduate.

Most of our students engage in at least one internship - many of them at our semester-long programs in Los Angeles and ICNYC - but we also help our students land opportunities in their hometowns or at organizations where they aspire to work after graduation.

For more information contact Professor Steve Gordon, Program Director, Television-Radio Program.

IC's Modern Family Connection
IC's Modern Family Connection

Prof. Jack Powers spends time on the Modern Family set. To read more, click here.

Professor Chrissy Guest highlights women in media and live event production
Park students built and used a control room to produce the campus's 125th celebration

Professor Chrissy Guest's broadcast career spans fifteen years as a photojournalist, assignment editor and director for news affiliates in Syracuse, N.Y. Her research centers on career trajectory for women entering the animation field. Her documentary film Beyond Ink & Paint: The Women of Animation examines the studio culture surrounding women working in the animation industry beginning in 1970. Guest has interviewed nearly 60 prominent women working across varying animation disciplines.

Professor Guest also teaches courses in live TV event production, and she and her students produced Ithaca College's 125th anniversary Community Celebration livestream which won the Student Open Award of Excellence at the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) On-Location Creative Competition Conference in October 2018.

This spring she'll be teaching a mini-course on women in comedy - traveling with her students to the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, NY.