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Television-Radio (B.S.)

Careers in television and radio are not limited to broadcasting anymore. Media consumers watch their favorite programs via cable, satellite, and Internet services such as We listen to music mixes on our iPod and tune in to satellite radio, or stream services such as Rhapsody or Pandora on our cell phones.

You'll find Ithaca's television-radio (TV-R) graduates working throughout new and emerging media as well as building successful careers in the film, broadcast, and cable industries. They work in front of the camera and behind, as broadcasters, sportscasters, production managers, line producers, executive producers, directors, filmmakers, videographers, editors, sound designers, scriptwriters, media managers, and new media entrepreneurs. You'll find Ithaca grads in music studios, film studios, broadcast networks such as ESPN and NBC, production companies, Internet start-ups, and radio and television stations from New York to Los Angeles.

Your TV-R education begins as soon as you arrive at the College. From your first semester, you will start building your professional media skills, storytelling ability, and artistic style through a wide range of production coursework. You'll also explore media theory, economics, and law, and expand your intellectual capacity  for media analysis by participating in the Park School's award-winning student media, through valuable internships, or by spending a semester in our popular Los Angeles program.

TV-R majors make full use of the Park School's extensive production equipment and instructional facilities. This includes two large television studios and two radio production studios; dozens of portable SD and HDV digital video cameras; multiple digital nonlinear video editing stations with the Final Cut Pro Production Suite, Avid, and motion graphics software; a multi-track audio production studio; multiple Pro Tools audio production stations; a master control complex; and a fully equipped television remote-broadcast truck. You'll take classes in our computer-based labs and produce audio, video, motion graphics, journalism, media research, and multimedia projects. Our technical staff will assist you every step of the way.

When it comes to internships the opportunities are virtually endless. For example, our students have interned at MTV, CBS, MSNBC, ABC, Fox, and the BBC in London; the Colbert Report, Columbia Records, New Line Cinema, E! Entertainment Television, Warner Bros., Cavelight Films, ESPN, and with NBC Sports at the Turin, Beijing, and Vancouver Olympics. What's more, it's not unusual for our students to parlay their internship experiences into jobs after graduation. Whatever your career goals, you'll leave Ithaca with the skills you need to succeed and an outstanding alumni network that's ready and willing to give you a leg up.

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