Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson

Associate Provost, Academic Programs, Provost and Academic Affairs
School: School of Humanities and Sciences


Courses Taught at Ithaca College

  • Reading Foundations (Undergraduate)
  • Ithaca Seminar: The Nature of Childhood Meaning-Making (Undergraduate)
  • Seminar in Reflective Practice (Undergraduate)
  • Professional Development Seminar (Undergraduate/Graduate)
  • Capstone in Education Studies (Undergraduate)
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary School Language Arts and Literacy (Graduate)
  • Foundations of Language, Literacy, and Culture (Graduate)
  • Professional Semester in Education (Graduate)

texts on bookshelves

Most of the courses I teach deal with matters of literacy and equity. Together, students and I explore scholarship on power and privilege in relation to literacies, and we consider applications of that research in everyday life and in classrooms. My hope is that students will leave our courses armed with a deep understanding of scholarship to help guide future professional and personal decisions and that they will feel empowered to use their growing understandings to become agents of change on behalf of children and in partnership with families and other professionals. Most important, perhaps, is that we leave courses with a shared eagerness to continue learning, questioning, and seeking collaborations with others in our development.

End of Course Evaluations

If you are a current Ithaca College student and are interested in how former students have responded to particular courses, you may access feedback from course evaluations (student statements) completed by former students.