The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) has declared that the second full week in April each year be set aside to recognize the value of student employees and student employment professionals.

The purpose of this week is:

  • To enhance awareness of student employment and its important role in the higher education experience
  • To recognize students who contribute to the campus and community through their work while attending college
  • To thank the employers who hire students for part-time positions which enhance the student employment program

Student Employment Appreciation Week Ideas:

Students make up an important and valuable part of the workforce here at Ithaca College. Acknowledging the contribution made by your student employees encourages them and motivates them to do their best for the college.

Here are some suggestions for ways to let your student employees know how much their work is appreciated. Use these tips during National Student Employee Appreciation Week or any time really!

  • Prepare and distribute certificates of appreciation.
  • Decorate office doors or bulletin boards with posters expressing appreciation to your student workers and listing their names. You can include pictures and short bios to help staff get to know them better.
  • Have a special gathering to honor your student employees. Ideas include a departmental open house, pizza party, potluck, sundae bar, sub sandwiches, popcorn machine, or a decorated cake.
  • Take your student employees to eat at one of the on-campus dining facilities.
  • Ask staff members to take turns bringing snacks for student employees each day of National Student Employee Appreciation Week.
  • Prepare "care packages" or “finals survival kits” to give to student workers, with popcorn, trail mix, fruit, pens, sticky notes, etc.
  • Send handwritten or electronic thank-you notes to student employees, letting them know you value them. Or have staff sign a thank-you card for each student worker.
  • Make "pat on the back" awards by tracing an outline of a hand on paper, making copies, and writing a personal note on each that tells why the student deserves a pat on the back.
  • Create a fun special project for your student employees (e.g., theme decorations for the office).
  • Present “Good Egg Awards.” Buy plastic eggs, fill with goodies, and give out with “Good Egg Certificates” listing what the student did to deserve the award.
  • Present awards for special categories (Best Computer Skills, Best Customer Service, Best Telephone Skills, etc.).
  • Honor your student employees with a round of applause in your staff meeting.
  • Take a few moments to say thank you!

Thanks for celebrating and recognizing our student employees!