Members of REST

Spring, 2022

Ramin Bagherzadeh, Assistant Professor, Marketing (Business)   

Elizabeth Bleicher (chair), Interim Director Student Success, Professor of English (H&S) 

Lauren Britton-Steele, Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Sciences (Park)   

Angelica Carrington, Director, Center for IDEAS 

Yolanda Clarke, Manager, Tutoring and Academic Enrichment Services   

Benjamin Costello, Executive Director, Constituent Engagement Strategy     

Marsha Dawson, Director, Residential Life and Judicial Affairs   

Samantha Elebiary, Program Director, BOLD Scholars   

Michelle Goode, Program Director, Health Promotion   

Shana Gore, Executive Director, Student Financial Services 

Casey Kendall, Executive Director, Applications and Infrastructure   

Michele Lenhart, Director, Office of Student Engagement    

Alexandra Nash, Senior Research Analyst, Analytics and Institutional Research 

Amy O'Dowd, Assistant Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences   

Crystal Peebles, Associate Professor, Music Theory, History, Composition (Music)  

Denise Polanco, HEOP & C-STEM Counselor, Office of Access, Opportunity & Achievement 

Amy Rominger, Clinical Associate Professor, Speech Language Pathology and Audiology (HSHP) 

Ronald Trunzo, Associate Director, Residential Life and Judicial Affairs  

Aaron Weinberg, Professor of Mathematics (H&S)  

Jacqueline Winslow, Director, New Student & Transition Programs