The board of trustees is the governing body and chartered legal entity for Ithaca College. The board is primarily responsible for the articulation of general educational policies and academic goals, as well as ensuring the financial means to meet the current and future educational mission of the institution. The board retains final institutional authority to grant all degrees awarded by the college, upon the recommendation of the faculty and president. While maintaining a general overview, the board entrusts the president with the authority and responsibility for the college's educational and managerial affairs.

Representing the highest level of service to the college, the board of trustees comprises over two dozen dedicated alumni, parents, and friends who meet formally as a group three times per year, with regular communication between meetings.

        Ithaca College Board of Trustees

                           Thomas H. Grape '80, Chair
                          David H. Lissy '87, Vice Chair
                         Shirley M. Collado, President

David J. Bachrach '70
Michael A. Battle '77
Michael J. Conover '81
Sybil Conrad, Staff Trustee
Jack H. Dembow '77
Mark N. Dicker '77, Parent '08
Julie A. Dorsey '01, M.S. '03, Faculty Trustee
David Fleisher II '91, Parent '20
Thaddeus J. Fortin '81
David A. Giannotti '69
Elijah T. Greene '18, Student Trustee
Gary J. Gross '81
Charles R. Hack '69
Kristin R. Muenzen '00, Alumni Trustee
William J. Nelligan III '83
James W. Nolan Jr. '77, Parent '01
Mary G. Opperman
Lisa B. Puntillo, Parent '10
Jeffrey J. Selingo '95
G. Gabrielle Starr
Peter R. Taffae '82
James E. Taylor '00, Alumni Trustee
Douglas M. Weisman '78, Parent '06