Applied for Aid?

Here’s what happens next.

After you complete the FAFSA

  • If you included a valid email address with your FAFSA, you should be notified within 3 to 5 days with instructions on how to access an online copy of your student aid report (SAR).
  • If they do not have an email address for you, you will receive a copy of the SAR in the mail within 7 to 10 days.
  • If you listed Ithaca College in your FAFSA, we will receive the SAR electronically as soon as it is processed.

If your application is not complete

You may be notified that additional documentation is needed to complete your financial aid application. It is important that you respond quickly to any requests from a federal processor, a state agency, or the College with the documents required. Please do not send us copies of your tax returns or any other documents unless we request them.

If your financial circumstances have changed since you filed the FAFSA

If you have had changes in your family income or had unusual expenses after filing the FAFSA, contact us for guidance.  For more information, please see the Quick Link, "Change to Financial Status," in the sidebar to the left.

Notification of a financial aid package

If you have been accepted to Ithaca College and everything in your financial aid application is complete, we will begin work on a financial aid package for you. A financial aid package is simply a statement of the aid (federal, institutional, state, etc.) you are eligible for to study at Ithaca.  Notification is sent via email that your financial aid package is ready to view in IC Connect.

  • New students applying early decision who apply for aid by the priority deadlines are usually notified by December 15.
  • New students applying early action and regular decisions who apply for aid by the priority deadlines are usually notified by March 1.
  • Returning students filing by the priority deadline are usually notified via email by July 15. If you file the FAFSA after the priority deadline, we will consider you for Ithaca aid only after those students who met the deadline have been processed.