Alternative Loans

If private loans are an option you would like to exercise, the Office of Student Financial Services has compiled a list of preferred private lenders. The choice of lender(s) is yours to make.

Choosing a Private Lender

Our office has compiled a list of preferred lenders that we believe provide excellent customer service, borrower benefits, competitive interest rates, and are popular with current borrowers. 

Find the list here to explore the lenders. 

Deciding on an Amount

When you are applying for a private loan, you will have to select an award amount and loan period. There are three important considerations you should take:

  1. How much are you comfortable borrowing? Remember that this is money you will have to pay back after graduation, with interest. 
  2. Do you want to take out an amount for the full year or a single semester? If you request funding for the full academic year, the amount that is certified will be split between semesters. If you request funding by semester, the full amount will be applied to the given semester. 
  3. The amount that is approved by the lender is not necessarily the amount we will certify. We can only certify funding up to the cost of attendance
Timing Consideration

During peak processing periods, you should plan for an approximate application processing time of thirty (30) days between applying, being approved, and having the loan certified by our office.

To have a loan reflected on your billing statement, we require an official loan approval and certification request from the chosen lender. Our office must be able to certify the loan before it can be credited to the student's account.