Outside Scholarship Search Tools

More information about the sources of additional scholarships can be found online and within your local community. Such local resources include your school’s guidance counselor as well as your local public library. You should aggressively seek out and apply for appropriate scholarships, but be aware that some scholarship search services and databases are only accessible by paying a fee. In addition, some services present scholarships that charge an application fee. Ithaca College does not recommend paying for access to scholarship databases or pursuing for any scholarship that charges an application fee.

The following websites provide free scholarships searches:

A comprehensive site dedicated to paying for college with a scholarship search and match service.

College Board’s Fund Finder
Part of their "pay for college" section includes this search tool that helps to locate appropriate scholarships, internships, grants and loans.

An online scholarship search service that can help identify additional sources of funding for your college education.

As part of their overall information and resource services, FinAid.org also lists discipline-specific scholarship resources.