ROTC Scholarships

The objective of the program is to prepare men and women for positions of responsibility as officers in the military services. You may enroll in classes or in programs of two, three, or four years. A range of scholarships is available to qualified applicants. These scholarships may cover up to full tuition at Ithaca College; mandatory fees and textbook costs, $300–$1,200 per year; and a $300–500 per month stipend during the academic year. All participants in their junior and senior years receive the nontaxable monthly stipend, whether or not they are on a scholarship. Periodically, midyear scholarships may be available as well. Two- or three-year applicants for each service must contact the appropriate ROTC unit early in the second semester of their freshman or sophomore year to initiate the selection process.

There are no military obligations for enrolling in ROTC courses. However, those students accepted into the advanced program during their sophomore, junior, or senior year may incur an active duty commitment ranging from 4 to 10 years. The commitment varies by program within the two services.

Further information can be obtained from your Cornell ROTC Recruiter.