Welcome to Tutoring and Academic Enrichment Services

Welcome, first-year and continuing students! Need help with a class? Want to learn how to be successful in college? Our Learning Coaches can tutor you in many IC courses. They are students who have taken the courses and excelled! Our Peer Success Coaches can help you navigate your new and evolving tasks related to adulting and academic success.

Our Peer Coaching Programs have been built with you in mind! We hire student leaders to support your goals of success in college! They share strategies to help you achieve academic and personal wellbeing in college.

As of Monday, August 23rd, you can request a Peer Success Coach (student mentor) online via our website!  

As of Monday, August 30th, you can request a Learning Coach (peer tutor) for select courses.  If your 1st or 2nd year course is not listed, check with your course faculty for their office hours or departmental tutoring arrangements.  Some course faculty also have the support of teaching assistants that may offer tutoring. 



Wanna help your peers?  We need Learning Coaches in a variety of courses - Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, French, Mathematics, Psychology, Statistics, and more!

Interested in becoming a Learning Coach? 

Apply today for Academic Year 2021-2022!

Office Information

Office Hours

During Fall 2021, our business hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm.   For quick questions, students are invited to drop-in from 12-1pm on Mondays.   If students would like to meet outside of those times, call 607-274-3381 for an appointment.

The office is not open when Ithaca College is closed for certain holidays, for weather-related or other purposes which would be announced on Intercom.

Staff Information
Yolanda Clarke, M.Ed., Manager of Tutoring and Academic Enrichment Services

Heather Crider, BA, Administrative Assistant