Information for FACULTY

Students who use our services are required to sign a user's contract indicating that they will visit their professor's office hours or meet with their faculty advisors.  We want to be sure that students are utilizing adult development skills of self-advocacy and they are actively taking responsibility for their success.  We reinforce the idea that faculty are the best academic resource on campus!

On another note, you are also very first to see signs of a student's academic difficulties: 

  • Unprepared for class discussions
  • Low quiz or exam grades
  • Missed assignments or exams
  • Evidence of weak study skills
  • ESOL concerns
  • Student does not appear to be organized.

If you speak to the student and determine that they can benefit from tutoring or personal coaching, share information about the services of our office.  There are also other academic support services on campus that might be applicable. 

Biology Learning Center - Faculty and Teaching Assistants are available each day and some evening hours to assist students.

Chemistry Department Drop-In Hours - TBD

The Mathematics Support Center - Faculty are available on a daily basis to assist students.  

The Writing Center - Writing tutors and faculty are available to help students with writing difficulties.  

ICare Report Form

If you are concerned about a student's mental health or if you are aware of a student's urgent personal circumstances, complete the ICare Report form.