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We offer small group tutoring in the form of Learning Cooperatives.

A description of Learning Cooperatives is shown below.

We also offer some one-on-one tutoring.

Learning Cooperatives Work!

At Ithaca, students requesting tutoring in common courses (with the same professors) are placed in groups called “Learning Cooperatives.” According to Gaudet and colleagues (2006) students learn best in structured communities. Some studies show that learning occurs when students hear each other talk and pose questions in different ways.

Our highly trained Learning Coaches (e.g. peer tutors) facilitate the Cooperatives and guide the process. They employ honed methods to encourage higher order thinking and reasoning (Dioso-Henson, 2012). This helps students gain deeper insight into challenging material.

Learning Coaches also share discipline specific study strategies, and they motivate students to succeed! Ithaca College students adjust very well to Learning Cooperatives when they are academically engaged and have a mature approach to the collegiate experience.


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