Welcome to Fall 2016! 

Wednesday, August 24th is the 1st day of Fall classes! 

                                   GET READY! 

Welcome Class of 2020 and returning IC students!  You can view our ORIENTATION to TUTORING video starting August 15th!  After you have viewed it, complete the online REGISTRATION FOR TUTORING. The registration form allows us to collect user data and includes the user contract.  

Starting SEPTEMBER 1st, you can complete the online TUTORING REQUEST FORM!  Because you will have viewed the Orientation to Tutoring and completed the registration form, we can match you with a tutor!  


                    OUR MISSION

This mission of Tutoring Services is to promote academic excellence and student success at Ithaca College.  To receive the maximum benefits from use of peer tutoring, students will learn how to use their course professors' office hours to address difficult course concepts.  Students who use peer tutoring will also enhance their critical thinking about challenging course material as they study with members of their tutoring groups outside of regular sessions, and apart from the assigned tutors. 


Tutoring Services is one of three academic support offices within the Center for Academic Advancement that reports to the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Programs at Ithaca College.  The other offices are the Academic Advising Center and Student Accessibility Services.