It is the second half of the semester! As we move into remote instruction, we continue to be interested in providing assistance where we can. Please continue to make your request for services on our REQUEST FORM. Although many of our Learning Coaches are at their capacities, we will reach out them to see if we can add you to groups! If we do not have a Learning Coach for your course, we will consult with course faculty members and TAs for direction and assistance.

We encourage you to remain actively engaged in your learning! Reach out to your professors during their times of availability! Check in with course TAs. Form online study groups with classroom peers using ZOOM or through other appropriate online forms of engagement!.

All in all, CONTINUE to employ efficient study skills and time management practices!


Interested in becoming a LEARNING COACH next academic year? Apply online today!!! See announcements on the application page!

Learning Coaches
Learning Coaches
Council of Head Learning Coaches at Work on Your Behalf!
Tutoring Orientation Video

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