Welcome Class of 2023!

Tutoring is available to all IC students free of charge through Tutoring Services! Tutoring is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Be advised that tutors reach their capacities early in the semester, generally just before midterms. We have a standard list of course offerings each semester, but may be able to provide assistance in other courses as well.

Of course, faculty are your first line of defense when you have questions about specific course material. Some faculty also have course teaching assistants (TAs). Check your course syllabi to find out when they are available to assist you! If you still need assistance after using these critical support services, request a tutor on our website!

We call our peer tutors Learning Coaches, because they can coach you through challenging course material. Endorsed by faculty and selected for their academic strength, our coaches use a variety of strategies designed to help you learn and enhance your critical thinking skills.

To ensure their competence, we require our Learning Coaches to complete a 1-credit training course based on standards set forth by the College Reading and Learning Association and other national organizations.

We are recruiting LEARNING COACHES (e.g. peer tutors!) for next academic year, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020! Interested?

Apply today and enroll in COLL 21500 (Peer Coaching and Tutoring Theory and Practice) for FALL 2019!!!!


Learning Coaches
Learning Coaches
Council of Head Tutors at Work on Your Behalf!
Tutoring Orientation Video

Check out our Orientation to Tutoring Video! After you have seen the video, complete the online Registration for Tutoring!!