Evaluating Documents for Migration

Document files (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are often a valuable way to share information in a specific format that is more useful for your audience than putting that content in a web page.

Our upgraded Drupal website allows individual documents to be shared directly from your web page, but the function is different from our legacy WPM system. If you have a large amount of documents in your WPM website that you plan to transfer to your Drupal site, you may need to make some changes to how that content is managed.

Here's how to evaluate your documents and decide what will work best for your audience when they come to your upgraded website:

Step One: Review

Start by confirming how many documents are still published in your WPM profile, and note what format they’re in (.doc, .pdf, .xls, .ppt, etc).

You can find a list of any documents currently in your website by logging into WPM, selecting the profile you need to review, and look for the Documents section in the left-hand menu.

    Important Considerations

    As you review the documents in your WPM profile, you should ask these questions about each file you own:

    • Is it clear who this content is for and is it still valuable/relevant for that audience?
    • Does this content need to be in a document or can it be better shared (more accessible, search friendly, etc.) as a web page instead?
    • If it must remain in document format, and is still relevant and useful, is the document file named in a way that makes it easy to understand what it contains?
    • Does this content already exist anywhere else on the website?
    • Should this document or its information be owned and maintained by a different office?

    Step Two: Decide

    After you've evaluated all of your content, you will need to decide on one of the following actions for every document file in question:

    A. Do Nothing

    The document is no longer needed and won't be included in your Drupal site.

    B. Convert document to web page(s)

    The content of the document will be more useful and findable, and easier to keep updated, if it's not locked into a document and exists as a web page instead. Our web team will provide best steps for transforming your content into a web page as part of your Drupal training.

    C. Upload individual documents to a Drupal page 

    If there are a small number of documents (ideally no more than five files) that need to be shared and they are still relevant and useful, they may be added as downloadable files directly from your webpage. Any standard document formats (.doc, .ppt, .xls, .pdf) can be uploaded, as can ZIP files (with a total file size limitation).

    D. Move large document collections to a file repository

    If it's important that a large collection of documents or folders of documents be shared together, a document repository like Microsoft SharePoint will provide a better option for browsing and maintaining that content. Our IT team is available to help create an appropriate solution for your files that will allow you to link to documents from your website and manage access to those documents.

    Request Document Repository Support from IT

    Need to Download All Your Docs?

    If you'd like to download a ZIP file that contains all of your documents from Web Profile Manager, you may do so from the Documents section within WPM. Just click the "Download Documents (.zip)" option that appears below your list of files.