Architectural Studies (B.A.)

Our architectural studies program combines the study of architectural history and theory with training in architectural design. It also allows you to take a rich array of courses in fields such as politics, art, sociology, and environmental studies, which will help you to become a more conscientious and informed architect, urban designer, landscape architect, historic preservationist, or city planner.

Architecture matters! Good architecture and thoughtful urban planning can express cultural aspirations and improve daily lives, but our choices about what and how we build directly impacts the sustainability of our societies and ecosystems. Our curriculum will prepare you to address these 21st century opportunities and challenges.

Explore Architectural Studies at IC

Discover what makes the Ithaca College Architectural Studies program unique, including where IC alumni are today.

Studio courses in art, as well as a two-course sequence in architectural design and the senior design portfolio course, will teach you how to develop and critique design projects and give you structured guidance in how to explain and present your own work.

Many of our graduates continue their study in graduate programs in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning around the country while others go directly into careers in architecture, academia, real estate, construction, and related fields.

Note: The B.A. in Architectural Studies is a degree that does not qualify students to practice architecture. Students who want to practice architecture and become licensed architects may pursue an NAAB accredited Master of Architecture program after completion of the B.A. in Architectural Studies or the student may submit experience to the New York State Education Department that is acceptable to the New York State Board for Architecture totaling 9 years after completion of the B.A. in Architectural Studies. Graduates of the B.A. in Architectural Studies would most likely need to pursue a 3-3.5 year Master of Architecture program in order to receive a Master of Architecture degree from an NAAB accredited program.